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Innovative designers, surface modelers, advanced engineering and feasibility for new build product development, full 3D mold design, engineering changes, repairs, troubleshooting of tooling issues, and engineering concerns. With simulation software built in, along with a mold design package and customized data base, we’re able to achieve more. 

Mold Making

Skilled professionals produce the highest quality plastic injection molds for a range of automotive and non-automotive plastic parts. We are dedicated to the training and development of team members as manufacturing partners.


State of the art equipment focused on technology and autonomation. Off-line programming, in-process verification and virtual machining simulations take advantage of our reinvestment in technology, maximizing machine utilization, quality, and efficiency in the development of complex tooling challenges.

Pounds of steel consumed per year
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Canada & Mexico facilities sq. ft.
Highly skilled professionals
Large molds produced per year
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Omega’s attention to detail and execution is verified through its state-of-the-art testing and validation on premises. We provide Virtual Attendance and our Quality Assessment Package on every mold. This offers the ability to verify part quality prior to arrival at the production location.

Production Molding

Our fully integrated validation process allows for validation of surface appearance, dimensional correctness, minimizes the time required for the development process, capacity relief and low volume part requirements.