Advances in P20 Steel Potentially Eliminates Need for Stress Relieving After Rough Cutting

Omega Tool Corp. compares conventional, new P20 grades side by side in production fascia tools, finds no downside.

Early in 2020, Omega, its OEM customer, the Tier 1 molder and Finkl Steel embarked on a study to evaluate whether a relatively new P20 steel Finkl had specifically developed for large cross-section molds could skip the post-roughing stress-relieving step.

Founded in 1981, Omega Tool Corp. of Oldcastle, Ontario, Canada, specializes in the design and manufacture of large injection molds—over 50 tons/tonnes —focusing on high-profile components like bumper fascias. The shop typically produces 80-90 fascia molds annually. While the auto industry is Omega’s primary customer, the team also builds molds for heavy truck, industrial, consumer and medical industries.

Moreover, thanks to vertical integration initiatives, Omega has enhanced its state-of-the-art validation facility to ensure customers achieve dimensional and aesthetic results on their molded parts. Besides the Oldcastle facility, which employs 220 people, Omega maintains a second facility in Queretaro, Mexico, with 20 team members. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Omega was named 2017 Foundational Principles Supplier of the Year by then FCA US LLC (now Stellantis) and 2019 Supplier of the Year by General Motors Co. and has won several other engineering innovation awards. Read more

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