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Plastic Products

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KraussMaffei is one of the market leaders in large injection moulding machine technology and with the addition of the 4,000 ton press enables Omega Tool Corp to deliver sustained performance under demanding conditions.  Two-platen technology developed by KraussMaffei, a high-performance plasticizing unit with very high quality screws and high-precision injection unit ensure high process stability and part quality, especially with holding pressure control and low back pressures.  Omega Tool Corp expands it’s global turnkey solutions and expertise with professional and technically proficient processing capability by continuing to invest in automated equipment with the right team behind them.

Please contact Greg DeFrancisco 1-519-737-1201 ext.290 for any additional inquiries. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Machine Specifications

  • Tonnage: 4000 Metric Tons / 4400 Imperial Tons
  • Platen Size (HxV): 3400X3100 (mm) 133.86X122.05 (in)
  • Distance Between Tiebars (HxV): 2325X2025 (mm) 91.54X79.72 (in)
  • Min/Max Shut Height: 1100/2200 (mm) 43.3/86.6 (in)
  • Max. Mold Opening Stroke: 3300 (mm) 129.9 (in)
  • Max. Daylight: 4400 (mm) 173.2 (in)
  • Ejector Stroke: 500 (mm) 19.6 (in)
  • Screw Diameter: 135 (mm)
  • Max. Shot Weight: 8782 gr 310 oz
  • 52 Manifold Zones
  • 12 Sequential Valve Gates
  • 10 Corepulls (6 Moveable-4 Stationary) 2-3 Position Cores
  • 1-1/2″ Water Circuits -2 Tower -2 Chiller -2 Thermolator Circuits/Side

External Equipment

  • Novatech Dessicant Dryer -500Lbs/Hour Throughput
  • Maguire Colour Feeder- 28Lbs/Hour Throughput
  • Synventive Temperature Controller -48 Zones
  • Synventive External Valve Gate Sequencer-12 Zones
  • Sterling Thermolators -3Hp Pump -36Kw Heaters -2 M.P 2 S.P

Our Mission

"A Global Tooling Leader supplying the plastics industry, focusing on applying tomorrow's innovative thinking today."